Insight Counseling Services LLP, Qubic 3&4 Baitul Karim, Boran Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050


Tel: 99303 60163

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

​​Saturday: Closed

​Sunday: Closed

It enables you  to express openly in a safe space, helps to vent out and other therapy benefits.

Makes counseling easily accessible to the client and convenient to receive counseling services over video/audio call.

It enhances the emotional bonding, aids to increase understanding and healthy communication between couples.

Are you confused about your career or your career growth?
Career testing and counseling is the one stop solution to understand your personality, interest, aptitude, intelligence and ability which leads to appropriate career and development.

Workshops inculcate new thinking, leads to develop appropriate interpersonal skills and aids to positivity. Training helps to develop new skills, understand mental health and learn the practical application which helps to cope well with various challenges. 
Workshops and trainings on different topics are essential at every setting and for all the age group.

Teenage is the most critical yet essential phase of an individual.
Teens required appropriate coaching to channelise their emotions adequately and understand several aspects of life correctly. Teens coaching and mentoring includes topic such as, effective study skills, sex education, personality development, career selection, goal setting, time management,  relationship management and several emotional concerns..