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Practical Application of Counseling

Mentorship and training program for budding professionals 

Professional counselors help clients recognize goals and potential solutions to challenges which cause emotional unrest. When I say professional counselors, that means you are qualified to provide counseling professionally. However, the educational system might have its limitations in providing a real-life counseling experience. Therefore, I am providing you a platform to experience counseling in real time. 

With my experience of over a decade and mentoring a number of budding psychologists I can say helping someone takes skills and those skills need to be developed through experiencing the ground reality. 

I have designed a unique program for students and professionals who are looking forward to get into helping profession. If you are aspiring to be a counselor or a psychologist and you lack confidence in handling new clients then I am here. 


What does it include:

All about Counseling (what, why, how)

Guidance in counseling skill development 

Working with Clients with various mental health concerns 

(mentioned on my about page)

Positive Psychology and Counseling 

Self-Care and Self Development 

Experience real counseling 

Self-Grooming and career guidance 

Business and Internship guidance 

Networking skills 

Group Counseling and Public speaking 

Mindfulness in counseling 

Psychology and Spirituality 

And a lot more… 


One on one mentoring allows me to share with you my secrets of successfully counseling and how did I manage to grow my professional career. Each mentee has been dear to me and I am proud to share that they are doing great in their personal and professional lives. If you are looking forward to receive the unique training and mentoring you can reach out to me 

You will be certified by International Association of Holistic Psychology for the same. 

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What do mentees say?? 


I will never forget the day you decided to take me under your mentorship. My journey on becoming a trained psychologist begins and ends with you. Three years of being under your mentorship shaped me not only as a psychologist but also as a human being. You gave me the opportunity to learn to become an independent individual and taught me that there is more to life. You gave me a platform to express myself and not worry about what the world would think or say. By giving me the opportunity to help you with I am a Miracle Being you opened doors of talent and creativity I never knew I have. It’s been a wonderful journey with you and I am ever so grateful at that I could walk this path of life under your love and guidance thank you so much for being my Mentor now and forever. Love you.


Afshaa Shaikh 

Counseling Psychology 


I am grateful to start my journey of being a psychologist with you. I learned about therapy, handling clients, grooming myself professionally, and taking care of my own mental health under your mentorship and guidance. I mean it as I say, you are more than just a mentor for me and you play a very vital role in my life. I can't thank you enough for making such a significant difference in my life. 

Never want to lose you, thank you💜✨

Kajal Mackwana 

Counseling Psychologist 




Mentorship is an essential stepping stone for Masters in Psychology!!

One important thing you need when you are studying is a great mentor who can guide you in right directions. So here I was looking out for a great mentor with amazing knowledge, who can clearly guide me during my MA in Counseling Psychology 2nd Year where I was an anxious kid, felt all lost.

She was the one whose main interest was to focus on under privilege students. So, we did visit schools which was supported by NGOs. She had guided me in dealing with cases of separate anxiety, depression, she knew I had major anxiety when it comes to represent the group but she kept encouraging and pushing me to do the group presentations like career counseling with parents and students in large groups. 

She is a person who will not just encourage but also inspire you with whatever you want to pursue and be very friendly with you like we use to enjoy our small theatre plays together, lot of motivational tips by her in cafes, going for movies together and analyzing it later, organizing events together. I totally enjoyed been around her and I felt more confident as and when time flew. 

Can’t thank her enough to have a contribution in what I am today. She is an amazing personality, down to earth and you don’t feel uncomfortable at all when it comes to talk/ share about anything.


Aafreen Mallick

Counselor – Dubai 

I never knew that crossing path with you in one of the seminars will pave a path for me. And I am grateful for that. Under your mentorship, I have learnt how things work in real life. You made sure that I could get good exposure.


Whenever I felt stuck or had queries, your approach was always non-judgmental towards.

Would love to take guidance from you in future also❤️

Upeksha Patel 

Clinical Psychologist 



I met Rachana ma'am in the year 2013 for during my M.A(Counseling. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease before working with someone like her who is flawless in guiding me. Patience is the best thing in ma'am as she never gave up on me while teaching me and making me learn new things. I became a more confident person under her. I feel truly blessed to be mentored under her and had a great time working with her in person.



Sebasmita Jagannaath

Counselling Psychology 

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